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About Siselectron

We are a company dedicated to provide services and implement electronic, informatic and telecomunnication services. Siselectron optimize its finnancial, human and material resources in order to achieve our clients satisfaction.


We are a professional company in the fields of electronic and telecommunications that provides quality service to the public and private sectors, positioned strategically in the market to fulfill and satisfy the demands of our client.


Consolidate ourselves as the main solution of our customers, maintaining a continuous improvement in the quality of service in order to accomplish our main objective: to satisfy the needs within the field of telecommunications and electronics, covering the public and private sectors, providing safe and accessible solutions.

Quality Politics

We are a professional company which main work is to satisfy the needs from our customers in the fields of electronic and telecommunications through a conitnuous work, optimizing taken actions in order to fulfill and give immediate solutions. Based on this and wih the application of a quality manage system, we are taken to provide the tolos to generate a continuous improvement in the company organiation infrastucture and guanranteeing an optime and efficient service.


We stablish goals and strategies to provide big magniutde services, generating employes and contributing to the growing and benefit of the socierty.

Our Values

Honesty, Quality, Responsibility, Security, Loyalty and Teamwork


Quality Management System ISO9001:2000

Quality Management System ISO9001:2008

Quality Management System ISO9001:2015

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