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We offer innovators and reliable solutions that allows you to keep your corporation into the business, improve the experience with your clients, make your company a safer workplace and increase your productivity and efficiency


  • We offer services in telecommunications design and installation of TDT systems.

  • We implement compression systems according to your needs.

  • Design and installation of head ends.

  • We offer technical support from our trained technicians via call center.

  • We maximize the capacity of your service with updates.


  • We have an extensive experience in the installation of transmitting and receiving antennas for satellite communication.

  • We perform antenna alignment service.

  • We count with equipment for satellite signal transmission.

Data Center

  • We offer you a wide catalog of products for your Data Center.

  • We perform design and implementation in network systems.

  • We perform design and implementation in site.

  • We repair your computing equipment, including maintenance and update.


  • Our experience in the design and implementation of CCTV systems has been fully recognized.

  • We perform design and installations from many security systems, such as: digital, biometric and monitoring service.

  • We have satellite location service.

  • We offer you a catalog of surveillance, access control and biometrics products.


  • Monitoring and Support from your apps and links

  • Compatibility with your infrastructure

  • Cost Savings

  • Technology updating without additional cost

  • Application Hosting

  • End-to-end services, including receptors, antennas, hosting, etc…

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